In late March, an insightful workshop was organized for the ASTM F44 Committee, focused on standardization for General Aviation. This gathering provided a unique platform to discuss crucial topics, including hydrogen safety, firefighting for hybrid/electric/hydrogen aeroplanes, cybersecurity, and STPA (System-Theoretic Process Analysis). Such subjects will also be explored within the comprehensive ALBATROS project.

Collaboration for Advancement

The workshop successfully pushed the boundaries of conventional discussions in general aviation. Hydrogen safety, first responders, and cybersecurity are relatively new areas for the industry. However, it is increasingly evident that aviation will serve as a pioneering sector for the implementation and operation of these cutting-edge technologies and concepts. The workshop stimulated thought-provoking conversations among industry experts, shedding light on the importance of further research and development, especially within the ALBATROS project.

During the workshop, esteemed presenters Pedro Garcia Gonzalez (PVS), Christopher Scherb (FHNW), and Gustavo de Carvalho Bertoli (Airbus Defence and Space) shared their expertise on specific topics. Excitingly, these presenters will not only contribute their knowledge but actively participate in the ALBATROS project on their respective areas of expertise – electric flights, cybersecurity aspects on design, and implicit vulnerabilities related to cybersecurity.

The workshop received enthusiastic feedback, as participants recognized the significance of addressing topics that are typically overlooked in general aviation. By including hydrogen safety, first responders’ preparedness, and cybersecurity considerations, the industry acknowledges the evolving landscape and the necessity to adapt.

Looking Ahead

The event highlighted the industry’s readiness to embrace new technologies and concepts, positioning general aviation as a frontrunner for their implementation. With the ALBATROS project’s comprehensive approach and the collaboration of esteemed presenters, the future of aviation shines bright, promising enhanced safety and efficiency in the skies.

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