Last week a three-day meeting was held at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, aimed at kicking off the demonstration activities and bringing together the progress of ALBATROS after the first year of the project. 

The objectives of the meetings were to:

  • Share the progress of the project among all the consortium members and the Advisory Board. This occasion was used to present the development of each work package and collect aviation expert’s feedback.
  • Consolidate the ALBATROS Concept, a new solution for sharing safety information to support decision making during emergencies and crisis management. 
  • Kick-off  Work Package 5 about validations and demonstrations and initiate the demonstration planning of the 7 Airport Demonstrations foreseen by the project 

These three days were fully immersive and insightful, giving the possibility for the consortium members and other stakeholders to discuss the development of the project and meet in person. 

A big thanks to Rotterdam The Hague Airport and NLR that hosted the sessions organizing the meetings and the social networking. 

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