During the recent Requirements Workshop held in Rome, the Consortium was dedicated to advancing the concept of real-time safety data and information sharing through ALBATROS (Advanced Systems and Solutions for Better Practices against Hazard in the Aviation System). Throughout the workshop, our primary focus was on establishing requirements associated with this innovative system.

The workshop also delved into exploring potential scenarios where ALBATROS can demonstrate its effectiveness. This included scenarios like detecting hydrogen leakage during aircraft ground handling and effectively managing crises arising from cyber-attacks that impact a large fleet of aircraft in flight.

The work accomplished during the workshop will contribute to the development of the D1.1 document, titled “Initial Concept and Procedures for Sharing of Information on Safety, Crises, and Emergencies.” This deliverable is scheduled to be published by October 2023.

If you are interested in learning more about the project, we invite you to follow us and stay updated on its progress.