Over an insightful span of three days, Paris played host to the dynamic congregation of the global hydrogen community during the Hyvolution 2024 event. Renowned for its avant-garde approach, this gathering has successfully risen to prominence as a leading force within the ever-evolving landscape of hydrogen technologies. Impressively, the event attracted more than 570 exhibitors and brands, all converging to present their cutting-edge innovations and solutions aimed at propelling hydrogen projects into the future.

The comprehensive nature of Hyvolution 2024 unfolded across a spectrum of activities, featuring a total of 135 discussions spread across three distinct forums, including conferences and the distinguished Hyvolution Summit. This multifaceted approach garnered widespread international acclaim, firmly establishing the event as a globally recognized platform for the exchange of ideas, expertise, and groundbreaking developments within the hydrogen sector.

Notably, the École nationale supérieure des officiers de sapeurs-pompiers (ENSOSP) actively participated in this transformative event. Collaborating with “France Hydrogène,” ENSOSP showcased its multifaceted expertise through a dedicated booth. Lieutenant-Colonel Laurent LECOMTE, responsible for new energy trainings, and Léa Taillandier, spearheading the ALBATROS project at ENSOSP, were prominent figures in attendance.

The spotlight was aptly directed toward ENSOSP’s endeavor to champion the ALBATROS initiative during this influential event. The initiative seeks to pioneer cutting-edge training programs, setting new standards and establishing best practices. In doing so, it aspires to cultivate a unified approach to decision-making during crisis situations related to new types of aircraft and fuels, laying the groundwork for a safer and more resilient hydrogen-powered future.